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Redflight Mobile Opens Offices in Johannesburg, South Africa


JULY 6, 2017

RedFlight Innovation South Africa's New Digs

Redflight Mobile Innovation, the award-winning entertainment technology company and interactive shop based in Beverly Hills, California has set up offices in Johannesburg as part of their commitment to furthering the advancement of emerging technology in the region. The small boutique, led by award-winning Chief Product Officer Robinne Burrell, has been focusing heavily on the market since joining MIT's Solve consortia. Since then, Redflight has dedicated a substantial percentage of their efforts to supporting South Africa's future leaders to thrive amidst fast advancements in technology and to provide access for women and girls of all socio-economic backgrounds to fully participate and prosper in today's global economy, "As technologists, we often find ourselves focusing on the U.S market, but South Africa has a wonderfully passionate and committed youth population that can thrive from the new age of STEAM-centered technologies. From coding to entrepreneurship and virtual reality, there's a profound opportunity for the inclusion of South African youth", says Robinne on the topic of why South Africa is such a critical market.

Redflight has led keynote speeches for Oracle and Standard Bank with the SABC and Africa Teen Geeks on the importance of CS education as part of South Africa's CORE curricula and has led workshops on entrepreneurship and product development for kids in Guateng. Redflight is currently working with Africa Rising, the non-profit organization led by Nelson Mandela's grandson, Ndaba Mandela, on a series of workshops that include entrepreneurship, robotics, coding and AR/VR to uplift youth into new ways of thinking about tech as careers. Redflight is also working with various local organizations to scale the workshops into a national program for the advancement of technology for African youth.

"From coding to entrepreneurship and virtual reality, there's a profound opportunity for the inclusion of South African youth."

Redflight South Africa's Johannesburg offices are located in the upscale region of Rosebank close to 95.9 FM Studios, Mercedes-Benz, and the Belgian and French Embassies.

Redflight Mobile is based in Beverly Hills, CA where their primary business is creating digital experiences for consumers across mobile devices, virtual reality and augmented reality as part of the iOT surge of consumer experiences. Redflight hosts a popular workshop series on virtual reality development and innovation and was recently featured in Forbes Magazine for their advancements in pushing technology.

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