" Education is for improving the lives of others and for leaving your community and the world better than you found it. "

Marian Wright Edelman

President of the Children's Defense Fund


Pictured: The 2019 Mandela Cultural Fellow from South Africa at Creative Visions in Malibu, CA


In response to the 2020 pandemic, RedFlight Innovation Social Impact programs have curated an expanded STEAM curricula at home to address the digital divide of families struggling to engage youth with at home learning. What was borne was code.chella - a comprehensive STEAM festival at home that focuses on the intersection of art and tech.  

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About RedFlight Social Impact programs

As part of our ethos, we focus on building relationships that bridge the gap between technology and education for the communities that need it most around the world. Our STEAMED programs introduce coding in java, game design, robotics, 3D printing, design thinking in VR, entrepreneurship and leadership, fostering a diversified enthusiasm in computer sciences. 


It's our responsibility as leaders to cultivate the next generation of technologists - to teach them the importance of being passionate about finding  their purpose in life and to go forth courageously in using tech as a means to uplift the global community.

Robinne Burrell, Founder Access to Innovation Programs

summer camp steamed programs

In collaboration with the Tulsa STEM Regional Alliance (TRSA), RedFlight has hosted an annual summer camp - the Summer <BR> STEAM camp for middle school girls coming from school districts within the greater Tulsa Oklahoma region. 

Our week long camp introduces innovative technologies through learning how to code, game design, 3D printing, design thinking in VR, robotics and entrepreneurship. 

We host 2 day, 3 day and 5 day camps across the globe. Click below to learn more about our programs. 

mandela cultural fellowship

To ignite and amplify the centenary year of Nelson Mandela and his passionate purpose to inspire global activism. RedFlight strongly believes that providing hope and a vision of what is possible is perhaps the strongest gift one can give to another. This academic and cultural scholarship aims to spark learners to dream big and know that through commitment and passionate service to the community, anything is possible when you are aligned with a higher purpose for your life.


The scholar will also collaborate with Creative Visions and Rock Your World, a non-profit organization in California dedicated to social activism, to activate an advocacy program that helps solve human-rights struggles, using media and the arts. 


Through our collaboration with the Mandela family in the Eastern Cape to our STEM camps, we are committed to designing and administering custom programs in communities most in need of mentorship. We believe that by introducing computer science fundamentals with a cross-discipline approach that includes design, leadership and altruism, we are ensuring that we are inspiring children and young adults how to be ethical futurists. 

Through both our Access to Innovation STEAM Programs and Leadership Programs, our goal is to empower the brightest students with a humanitarian spirit to use 21st century skills to be a positive influence in business, arts and sciences. Read on to learn about the projects our fellows and students have created through our programs. 






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RedFlight Innovation is a company committed to propelling the voice of positive change through digital experiences. Whether that is developing apps to solve challenges in the community, uniting one another through experiences that foster authentic communication or curating STEAMED workshops that develop youth to ethically harness innovative technology, we use our expertise to evoke the best in people and the products they interact with. We know that meaningful change starts with the individual so our business is helping your business build products that matter.


Integrity - We are always honest and fair with ourselves and with our clients. 

In service to sisterhood - We uplift women as a business and a brand

Innovative - Not only are the products we create approach solutions progressively and uniquely, but we also think and act with innovation at our core

Purposeful - Every project we start rolls up to a larger vision for humanity 

Courageous - We step into fear boldly, in service to a a more connected and supportive community 

Spiritually Driven - We are in service to the idea that infinite good can be a business resource

People Driven - We know that when individuals of a shared purpose come together, those relationships can change the world. We rely on that as a core part of our culture and reminder that we are here to be our most authentic selves.

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We have offices in sunny California as well as Johannesburg but we serve the globe.