Headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Redflight Mobile Innovation consists of developers, user interface designers and technologists who are working on cross-platform experiences for mobile, web and mixed reality.


We balance professional projects with the passionate purpose of crafting experiences that drive social change and awaken communities to new possibilities. 


Robinne A. Burrell
Founder and Chief Product Officer

Over the past decade, Robinne Burrell has been at the forefront of technology and emerging media, having worked with brands spanning digital, interactive, mobile and social experiences. Robinne led product development and strategy at Amazon/IMDb, myspace during its peak and Match.com/Tinder. She has built digital products for NBC’s The Voice, Comedy Central and Steven Spielberg’s The VR Company, to name a few. In addition to her work as an innovator and leader, Robinne was also an on-air correspondent at the Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama, covering the logistical technology used during the ceremonies. Standard and Poor’s identified her as part of the “Society of Industry Leaders” and Hollywood Reporter named her “The Next Generation of Industry Execs”. She has been featured on CNN and NBC and is an Executive Chair of the Interactive Peer Group for the Television Academy, the most influential board of influencers determining excellence in digital media.

Prior to her leadership positions at top tech and media companies, Robinne also held management positions at Universal Music Group, Sony Electronics, and was an early member of Jimmy Iovine’s start-up Inside Sessions, a digital curriculum designed to introduce young musicians on how to break into the business of music. Robinne would later go on to be an Ambassador of Goodwill and Peace in Mexico, where she launched a non-profit program for kids to learn arts and humanities. In 2016, Robinne authored the virtual reality user experience for "Take Back the Mic: The World Cup of Hip Hop" for Oculus which was an Emmy finalist in 2016. 

Robinne holds a B.A in Cinema/Television from USC and completed the Leadership Strategy Program at MITs Sloan School of Business. Earlier this spring she was named in the top spot as "Five People Pushing Technology You Want to Work With Now" in Forbes Magazine. More at www.robinneburrell.com

Lynne Widgerow
South Africa Business Development

Lynne oversees business development and strategic partnerships for Redflight Innovation's offices in Johannesburg. Lynne has over 20 years of experience as a producer and creative consultant on some of the top brands and is currently overseeing new partnerships on the continent with digital entertainment brands, educational institutions and collaborations for emerging technology programs. 

Lynne was Exec Producer for Tarzan The Epic Adventures for Disney (26 episode series) as well as Tarzan and Jane (Village Roadshow Pictures), African Wave  (Cori Int), the 26 part music Icon series The Treasure Hunters (Westside Studios) and Saxman (Westside Studios)​. She is a graduate of UCLA's Film Finance, Production and Distribution Program. 


RedFlight Innovation is a company committed to propelling the voice of positive change through digital experiences. Whether that is developing apps to solve challenges in the community, uniting one another through experiences that foster authentic communication or curating STEAMED workshops that develop youth to ethically harness innovative technology, we use our expertise to evoke the best in people and the products they interact with. We know that meaningful change starts with the individual so our business is helping your business build products that matter.


Integrity - We are always honest and fair with ourselves and with our clients. 

In service to sisterhood - We uplift women as a business and a brand

Innovative - Not only are the products we create approach solutions progressively and uniquely, but we also think and act with innovation at our core

Purposeful - Every project we start rolls up to a larger vision for humanity 

Courageous - We step into fear boldly, in service to a a more connected and supportive community 

Spiritually Driven - We are in service to the idea that infinite good can be a business resource

People Driven - We know that when individuals of a shared purpose come together, those relationships can change the world. We rely on that as a core part of our culture and reminder that we are here to be our most authentic selves.

CONTACT US: office@redflightmobile.com


We have offices in sunny California as well as Johannesburg but we serve the globe.