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RedFlight Teams up with DuboVision for Cinematic Augmented Reality Project

Updated: Jun 4, 2018

RedFlight Innovation is partnering with DuboVision on a groundbreaking cinematic narrative-driven history of slavery in America and the shadowy world of contemporary human trafficking, built entirely in Augmented Reality (AR).

Utilizing an interactive mobile AR storytelling platform, “bARe Witness - Slavery in America” will reveal the hidden history, human narrative and continuing legacy of slavery in America to users right where they are, while also shining a light on the modern-day slavery subversively existing in plain sight all around -- human trafficking.

"This is the first time in history where creators can really leverage the strength of the mobile lens to provide a visual narrative of history and contemporary events unlike ever before," says Robinne Burrell who is leading Experience Design for "bARe Witness - Slavery in America." Adam Dubov, two-time Emmy nominee and Emmy Award winner for his work on the HBO’s Game of Thrones second-screen digital experience, wanted to use Augmented Reality to tell the critically important story of “Slavery in America”, "AR’s ability to reveal the history and narrative of “Slavery in America” and overlay it onto a viewer’s own present location and reality is a powerful way to connect people to that critical history and make it uniquely relevant and real.” The platform on which bARe Witness is built, will be the basis for a slate of themed narratives told through the lens of AR.

RedFlight and DuboVision will be at Augmented World Expo 2018 in Santa Clara, California speaking about their collaboration.

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